Chickens are FRIENDS.....Not Food!

Pet Chicken 101

Did You know....

It takes a hen 24-26 hours to lay an egg.
Chickens are not capable of sustained flight.
A chicken takes 21 days to hatch.
A hen lives an average of 5-7 years
An egg starts growing into a chick when it reaches a temperature of 86 degrees F.
The closest living relative of the Tyranosaurus-Rex is the chicken.
Chickens form firm friendships.

My family and I had the best time at your little farm last week. You took so much time to help us choose the right chicks and gave us a great tour of all of your fancy roosters. We are confident that we can too be successful at raising a flock!

Thanks again,

Dave Lawrence

Opening Weekend is Saturday February 28 & Sunday March 1.
Pick up Hours: 10am-2pm

Jersey Chickens Rule!

228 Toms River Rd   Jackson NJ   08527

 ***We DO NOT ship chicks.***  

  Chickens are FRIENDS...........NOT FOOD!

Current availability
This is what we have available for pick up on our opening weekend. Availability changes each week.
To reserve your chicks you can place an order. You can also just come out and choose what you like during our pick up hours.
Payment is due at pick up for on-line orders. At this time we can not accept credit cards or personal checks.

Chicks are 0-3 weeks old.
The following chicks are available for pick up:

Started pullets are between 4-8 weeks old.
The following started pullets are available for pick up:

Hens are 9 weeks and older but not yet at point of lay.
The following hens are available for pick up:

Chick Sexing Guarantee

We do sex most of our breeds at hatching. This procedure is about 90% accurate. This also means that you have a 10% chance of getting a rooster.

If you ABSOLUTELY can not own a rooster, please consider purchasing color sexable breeds found in our Auto Sexing category.

While we do our very best to sell properly sexed birds, please understand the difficulty in this task.
If you get a rooster that was sold to you as a sexed pullet, and you can not keep it, you can request to return it to the farm. You will be issued a credit in the amount paid upon acceptance. The credit may be used toward any other bird, feed, or supplies.

New Chick Check  List
It is important to have the following supplies for your new flock.
  • Shavings for warmth and bedding
  • Heat Lamp
  • 250 W Heat Bulb
  • Drown Proof Waterer
  • Feeder
  • Chick Starter feed
Always remember to wash your hands after handling your chickens.
Happy Hens lay the best eggs!