Chicken Coops

All of our coops are well constructed buildings that are meant to last! They are not kits. They are delivered finished and in one piece. Built to last on full length pressure treated skids and finished with weather resistant smart panel siding or pine board and batten. Our coops will certainly offer the durability that is necessary to keep a healthy and happy flock for years to come.

Most of our coops come with standard features which include an easy to clean plastic floor, nesting boxes, electric for a heat lamp or light bulb, and fully operative windows with predator screen and shutters. On most models there is a large door for humans and a small door for chickens. Buildings with attached runs are enclosed with welded wire to prevent any unwanted predators. Please see individual models for standard features.

Below, you will find our standard and most popular models. We also build many custom coops. If you want something specilal built to match your home or a building you found on line, we can build it! Please email to request a custom building.

NEW!!! We offer a rental program and rent to own option on our Eggs & Herbs or our Jackson Coop. Check it out on our Coop Rental page.

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